For a chance to participate in the Africa Basque challenge, one must follow the application process, and provide the required documents. At the end of the application window on 30th of September 2018, the selection process shall begin. The selected individuals will be notified by ABC via the email provided in the application.

This is a cocreation challenge, meaning the participants will be teamed to work together in teams of four, two members each from Kenya and Basque Country.

Teamprenuership – the participants will decide on one idea,from the four ideas presented by the team members, to work on together as a team. This will provide for exchange of ideas


This is a skills building and learning experience that will take the teams through a process of laying down plans for executing their ideas

There will be two 7-day bootcamps. The teams will work on developing their project which will beĀ  presented for judging.

  1. Kenya- this will include modules on: brainstorming, exploration and investigation, market validation, product validation
  2. In between the bootcamps the teams will continue working together virtually on weekly deliverables that will focus on topics such as blueprints, production costs, staff and teams.

  3. Basque Country – a continuation of the first bootcamp that will focus on financing, business plan, marketing, pitching, final document
  4. At the end of the bootcamp in the Basque Country:

    • There will also be an opportunity to pitch to investors at the end of the bootcamp in the Basque Country
    • a prize giving ceremony will be held where the winning team will be announced along with the respective runner-ups.

The winning team will receive mentorship until June 2019