The Africa Basque Challenge was created thanks to the existing relationships between Africa and the Basque Country. It is a partnership between foundations, academic institutions and companies from both Kenya and the Basque Country. This collaboration aims to promote new socio-business realities co-created by young people who collaborate on an intercultural level.

The ABC asks young people to present their best solutions and provides them a platform for co-creation, learning and idea development.

To read more about the challenge, please download the Project presentation

“People can transform themselves personally and make themselves teampreneurs and by transforming ourselves we can transform the society we live in.”
Jose Mari Luzarraga
Co-Founder Mondragon Team Academy

“ The youth are the true barometers of the political and economic climate of any country. Therefore, take your pride of place; you are not leaders of tomorrow, start serving today.”
Prof. PLO Lumumba
Associate Professor of Public Law, Founding Dean, Kabarak University School of Law, an Advocate of the High Courts of Kenya and Tanzania and Founder of PLO foundation